Application template for GLFW-based graphics applications written in C++
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GLFW window application


Compiling and Testing

  1. Download and Install premake5
  2. run premake5 vs2015 or whatever build system you ware using
  3. build appwrapper and app
  4. run app.exe and make sure the assets folder is located in the working dir.

Usage and Documents

See the docs directory for maybe the project documentation.

System Requirements

Requires OpenGL 3.1


  • Premake5
  • GLFW
  • GLEW
  • LodePNG
  • Catch


  • build - generated workspace
  • projects - source code for workspace projects
  • lib - external and internal libraries, need to add prcompiled GLFW, GLEW, and includes for the remaining libs.


mgrlllmgrlrrr - Old Murk-Eye